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当365体育备用网谈到法律方面的考虑时, proper environmental 和 engineering permits to install 和 operate the hydro-project comes to mind first. But there are several other things a potential CDG host needs to consider: CDG registration, CDG oversight 和 business practices 和 even learn about 基本CDG订阅合同条款.


允许 a hydroelectric facility is required under Federal, 一、国家及市法律法规. 的 Federal Power Act 和 other laws give the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (联邦能源管理委员会) jurisdiction to regulate the construction 和 operation of non-federal hydroelectric projects.[1] 的 New York State Department of 365体育备用al Conservation (NYSDEC) Division of Water 资源 regulates water quality 和 issues Section 401 水的质量 Certifications[2] 和 permits for stormwater discharges pursuant to the Clean Water Act.

的 CDG host must also sign an interconnection agreement with the utility 和 in many cases will be responsible for the cost of system upgrades, 包括必要的新线路. 的 process involves technical 和 procedural requirements necessary to safely 和 reliably interconnect a generating system to the electric grid. 在纽约, the requirements involve national technical st和ards—including the IEEE 1547 和 UL 1741 st和ards—和 the adoption of interconnection rules 和 procedures by the NYPSC.

看一看 365体育备用网允许部分 for more info on permitting requirements for hydropower projects.


CDG主机需要提交一份 分布式 能源供应商登记表 哪些必须补充 以下材料:

  • 副本和证明接受您的 registration with the NYS Department of State 和 a copy of your certificate of 假定名称(如适用);
  • 样品销售协议,包括客户 disclosure statements, 和 sample bills for each customer class for each material category of the CDG or On-Site Mass Market products or services that 将提供;
  • 资料及宣传资料副本 used for mass marketing purposes for each product offering;
  • 实体名单,包括承包商和 sub-contractors, that market on behalf of your company;
  • NYS 消费者服务办公室及服务提供者表格   


所有CDG主机必须遵守纽约法律, consumer protection requirements 和 NYPSC oversight rules which are defined in Case 15-M-0180.[3] 的 NYPSC has established oversight 和 guidance on appropriate marketing 和 contracting for CDG hosts. It is essential that a CDG host be aware of this guidance 和 follow it.


在这一点上365体育备用网已经讨论过 如何构建你的CDG, but not so much about actual legal terms 和 conditions involved. 的 legal terms 和 conditions that bind a subscriber to join a CDG are the responsibility of the CDG host. 就像任何商业合同一样, all parties involved should obtain guidance from legal counsel before entering into a CDG subscription agreement. CDG subscription contract terms can be considered in two categories – project specific provisions which are unique to each subscriber, 和 st和ard provisions which are consistent for all subscribers joining the CDG. Below are some of the essential terms that should be included.[4]

项目具体规定: Each subscription contract will have terms specific to the subscriber signing 和 would generally include:

  • 用户联系信息和地址
  • 订阅率(每千瓦时的价格) 学分,
  • 每千瓦时价格的年度上升率(如 使用)
  • 生产开始日期
  • 估计每年的发电量 认为
  • 公用事业账号及分配公用事业 的名字
  • 普及区

标准规定:  All subscription contracts will have st和ard terms 和 conditions, 其中可包括以下条款:

  • 取消条款和取消费用(如果 想要的)
  • 期限(协议期限)
  • 提前终止(允许订阅者 终止他们的参与)
  • Payments (providing clear instructions on how subscribers 支付)
  • 订户权利与义务(包括 如果订阅方移动会发生什么)
  • 主持人权利和义务
  • 转让、保险和不可抗力
  • 违约、救济和赔偿
  • 责任限制和保证免责声明
  • 争议解决

Some terms 和 conditions may be more protective of the host but less appealing to the subscriber, such as requirements that the subscriber find a replacement if they move out of the utility territory, or the amount of termination or cancellation fees imposed. A CDG host will need to weigh their concerns about risk in the business venture with the flexibility 和 ease in acquiring subscribers, all while being careful to comply with program rules 和 regulations. 在所有订阅者合约中, a CDG host must consult with an experienced attorney who can assist them in customizing a subscriber agreement that best meets their needs. (See Lessons Learned – Community Solar 法律 Framework below for more suggestions.) 


的re might not be many hydropower CDG projects out there, 但有足够多的太阳能CDG项目可供借鉴. 365体育备用网已经做了一系列 从其他CDG项目中吸取的教训 in terms of marketing, legal framework 和 model structures.

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[1] 联邦权力法案,16u.S.C. §791至823d. 平安险的 oversees hydropower licensing, administration 和 safety, as well as electric 和批发销售的传输率和服务.

[2] 33 U.S.C. §1251及其后续.

[3] NYPSC 10月19日, 2017 Order Establishing Oversight Framework 和 Uniform Business Practices for 分布式 Energy Resource Suppliers in Case 15-M-0180 和 to the Uniform Business Practices for DER Suppliers.

[4] 的 non-exhaustive list here applies to a typical CDG where subscribers join 和 pay for monthly credits. 认购人作为投资者, CSH 和 other models discussed above would require different business 和 legal considerations.

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